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Hello and thanks for visiting! Sarah Mckay LLC was founded by Sarah Auger who is a licensed mental health counselor, spiritual teacher, and lover of life who is excited to help others find their joy as they travel their life path. Life is a time to live, love, grow and heal as we move through life's trials and tribulations. Through my own experiences, I learned that healing is possible when we go within! When we go within we enter a space in which we are fearless, open and willing to hear answers and personal truth, and are better able to tap into unique internal personal guidance.

Sarah McKay LLC was created in order to offer a variety of services to those looking for counseling, mind, body and spirit healing and guidance. Life can be stressful and things we have experienced in the past often times hinder us from living fully in the present. No matter what events have occurred and experiences we have endured, there is always the healer and the knower within that is waiting to be accessed. I believe and know from experience that you truly can begin to heal yourself. What may help one person may not help the next, however, there are many different healing modalities to explore and use. With my experience that I have gained from life experiences, working as a mental health counselor, and knowledge shared with me from master teachers, my main goal is to help others step into their own personal healing power in order to create happy and fulfilling lives.

The vision of Sarah McKay LLC is to offer a safe, comfortable and relaxing place for those ready to share, learn and grow as they move forward on their life path. This center was created out of a longtime vision and dream and name given based upon the love and light I recognize within myself, the support and guidance received from my one and only, and the hope to now share this wisdom with others.


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The counselors at Sarah Mckay integrate various techniques and modalities into the sessions. Research has found that healing and progress can occur when we are in a space in which we are free from analytical thought. We are thinking beings, however, we feel best when we are just “being.” Meditation, mindfulness strategies and art therapy are modalities used to help move us into the realm of “being.” Once centered, we can then use our mind to create wonderful things in our everyday lives.

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