Spiritual Healing Session

(meditation + reiki + angel card reading)

Do you feel overly stressed? Blocked? Lost? Confused? A spiritual healing session offers healing on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. In this session you will be able to take a "time out" from daily life. In this space, the fluctuations of the mind can calm which allows you to be more receptive to guidance and the messages flowing to you. 

Sometimes in our lives we may feel stuck, unsure of what direction to take, or just like we need a little guidance! I love giving angel card readings as the client always receives answers to the questions that lie deep in their heart as well as finds relief from any concern they are carrying with them. Angel means “messenger of God.” Angel cards are used as a tool to deliver messages, guidance and loving support to you in an easy but direct way. You will receive the guidance needed in order to help you take that next step into your purpose and light.


What are Angel Cards? What should I expect? 

Before every angel card reading I (Sarah Auger) personally bless and pray over the cards as well as set the highest intentions for you. I ask that my client receives answers of only pure love and truth. As cards are chosen, I work with my own intuition as well as lead my client in tapping into theirs as answers are always sent to us in this way. This is a comfortable and collaborative experience which only requires you to relax and open your heart to the process. I teach my clients how to connect with their angels and tips on how to increase communication with their higher self, God, angels, or any higher being of their choosing. Angel cards readings can be done in person, over the phone, or through email.

Types of Readings You Can Receive:

  • – Life Purpose
  • – Past, Present, Future
  • – Relationships/Romance
  • – Past Life
  • – Daily Guidance

What is Reiki? How Does It Help? 

Reiki is a simply yet powerful healing technique which uses prana or “life force energy” to bring about emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. Rei means “God’s Wisdom” or higher power and Ki is the life force energy that sustains vitality and health. When blockages occur in our energy field due to accumulated stress on our system, the vital energy does not flow as easily which can lead to disease, emotional upset, and uncertainty related to our life path.

Reiki has been found to be effective for many people as well as a very relaxing experience. As the Reiki practitioner, I will guide the energy in order to help balance the chakras and remove stuck energy. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or dogma and is considered an alternative healing modality.

I have received Reiki I and II attunements in Usui Reiki and am currently completing studies in order to receive my Reiki Master/Instructor attunement. I currently teach and incorporate energy work into the Mind Body Spirit Healing and Counseling sessions so that you can begin to experience your own energy and use it to bring about wellbeing. I truly believe we ALL have the ability to tap into life force energy that surrounds us.

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