Couples Counseling

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“Wherever you are, be there totally.” - Eckhart Tolle

When conflict or disagreements occur within a relationship, it can be difficult to be there totally and invest more energy into something that you feel may not be working. Our counselors Lisa Brown and Carolyn LaValey want to help you and your partner get back to a place in which you feel invested in and excited about the future of your relationship. Studies show the sooner a couple enters into therapy, the better the outcome may be. At Sarah Mckay Counseling we understand seeking out help is not always easy, however, it is worth the investment in both yourself and your partner if you are willing to be dedicated to the process of change.

Below are some common issues that arise within a relationship dynamic and are issues we can help you with. If you’d like to set up an initial appointment, please contact us at

  • Trust issues, infidelity

  • Poor communication

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Stuck in unhealthy patterns

  • A traumatic event which has made it difficult to understand one another and their own style of coping

  • Disagreements becoming more frequent

  • General sense of disconnection due to busy schedules, schedule conflicts, taking care of children or others, etc.